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High quality standards and simple design

Each and every product of the Serie SAFS 2001 range is defined by these key concepts: the simplicity of our designs make our windows and balcony accessories adaptable to any architectural style, be it classic, modern or traditional country-style. Due to our high quality standards, our products all show high durability and efficiency, without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal of wood.

Serie SAFS 2001 frames can be had in both solid and laminated timber, in regular or irregular (e.g. arched or trapezoidal) shapes, with fixed or hinged windows or with one or more internal hinged elements. We also offer bottom-hung and top-hung windows (ie. hopper and awning windows) and windows with both horizontal or vertical sliding or hinged mechanisms (e.g. tilt-and-turn/pivoting windows).


Serie SAFS 2001 windows feature a 68×80 cross-section frame and a 68×80 cross-section moving window, opening inward. 68×90 or 68×110 cross-section frames are also possible. Our Serie SAFS 2001 windows feature double thermo-acoustical insulation, which is applied directly on the frame in order to ensure water, air and sound insulation. The drip is built into the bottom beam of the wood frame. The window is then equipped with tropicalized zinc AGB ribbon-locks and a brass-coated handle (optionally, a bronze or silver anodized aluminium handle), adjustable corner hinges and high-performance insulated glazing. We can optionally install externally sealed triple glazing.

Patio doors

Serie SAFS 2001 patio doors feature a 68×80 cross-section frame and a 68×80 cross-section inward-opening window with three bottom baseboards (we also offer bidirectionally opening windows with a crossbeam). Our patio doors feature a bottom aluminium threshold and double thermo-acoustical insulation which is applied directly on the frame in order to ensure water, air and sound insulation. Final installation of high-performance insulated glazing, or optionally triple glazing.

Pivoting windows

The ideal solution for minimising footprint. Easy to handle even in the most constrained spaces, pivoting windows allow for easy cleaning thanks to their 180° rotation while maximising light. Pivots can be either horizontal or vertical. Round shapes are available.

Doors and windows for public facilities

Public facilities require specific solutions complying with strict safety regulations. SAFS 2001 has attained first-class standards for the production of doors and windows for housing facilities, hotels, commercial property and public facilities in general.

Refurbishment projects and environmental constraints

The versatility of our products is fully demonstrated in historical building refurbishment projects, where artistic and historical significance must be preserved.

In such applications, our products can fully satisfy both architectural and artistic demands and the relevant environmental constraints.

The reasons for our success

Our customers have been able to confirm the overall quality of our products, their durability to heavy and prolonged use and their elegant and timeless aesthetics. They are ultimately our best testimonials and judges of our work.






Classic style


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