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Wood-aluminium is the best choice for a durable door or window and low maintenance costs, without giving up on the warmth and aesthetics of wood. The aluminium jacket is placed externally and its sole function is to increase the frame’s durability to wear and tear due to atmospheric agents. The internal wood frame retains all the characteristics expected by a traditional door or window. Our wood-aluminium doors and windows combine durability and aesthetics, modernity and tradition and, thanks to a wide range of colours, our products are an appropriate choice for any architectural demand. Most suited for medium to large accommodation facilities, our wood-aluminium products are ideal for both classic and modern-style settings.


Serie SAFS 2001 windows feature a 68×80 cross-section frame and a 68×80 cross-section inward-opening moving window with an external aluminium jacket (wood-like finishes or matte RAL colours are available). 68×90 or 68×110 cross-section frames are also possible. Our Serie SAFS 2001 windows feature double thermo-acoustical insulation, which is applied directly on the frame in order to ensure water, air and sound insulation. The drip is built into the bottom beam of the wood frame. The window is then equipped with tropicalized zinc AGB ribbon-locks and a brass-coated handle (optionally, a bronze or silver anodized aluminium handle), adjustable corner hinges and high-performance insulated glazing. We can optionally install externally sealed triple glazing.

Patio doors

Serie SAFS 2001 patio doors feature a 68×80 cross-section frame and a 68×80 cross-section inward opening window with three bottom baseboards with the addition of an external aluminium jacket (we also offer bidirectionally opening windows with a crossbeam). Wood-like finishes or matte RAL colours are available. Our patio doors feature a bottom aluminium threshold, double thermo-acoustical insulation which is applied directly on the frame in order to ensure water, air and sound insulation. Final installation of high-performance insulated glazing, or optionally triple glazing. Public facilities require specific solutions complying with strict safety regulations.



Termoscudo is an isolation system consisting of the insertion of polystyrene layers between the wood frame and the aluminium jacket. Termoscudo allows us to manufacture passive windows limiting thickness of the wood frame to 68mm.

Termoscudo-enhanced window frames are equipped with special additives, allowing them to achieve high thermal insulation performance, with U-values around 0.059 W/(m2K), showing double the performance of soft wood. The frames show high density and high screw fastening strength, in order to guarantee optimal clip securing.

The outer frames are then strengthened with an ABS layer and protected by a scratch-resistant coating. This results in better thermal insulation, reaching very low U-values, around 0.034 W/(m2•K), 70% less than soft wood.