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The ideal complement for any kind of frame, helping to augment thermal and sound insulation as well as controlling lighting.

Further benefits include better privacy and protection from intrusion.

SAFS 2001 provides a wide range of solutions for the most demanding of requirements.

A typical feature of Mediterranean dwellings

Use of louver shutters (“persiane”) is so lost in time that we have no precise data on its origins; their name suggests a Middle-Eastern origin.

Louver shutters are certainly one of the most practical and efficient systems to allow for ventilation while blocking light. Therefore, they can deservedly be considered a “classic”, as their appearance never feels out of place in any style of building, be it classic, modern or country-style, adding a touch of elegance whenever employed.

Louver shutters

Our louver shutters are provided both in solid wood and laminated timber. They feature an external frame and a hinged door with fixed or adjustable horizontal louvers. Our louvers are all equipped with AGB espagnolette locking hardware and 14mm tropicalized Anuba hinges and can be had in a variety of styles, such as open-slat, double-sided and old town style. Single-unit window-shutter combos are available.

Shading doors

Composed of a solid wood or laminated timber outer frame and moving door, shading doors are provided both in framed board and tubed board versions (with the latter composed by vertical slats joined by zinc-coated iron flush tubes).

Our shading doors are equipped with AGB espagnolette locking hardware and Abaco Nere hinges and are offered in framed, screwed, tubed and “mercantile” versions.

Hinged internal shutters

Composed of a solid wood or laminated timber 28×80 cross-section moving door assembled on the indoor side of the window, sharing the same frame. Equipped with a brass locking system and 13mm tropicalized Anuba hinges, they are provided in both smooth and rusticated versions.

Refurbishment projects

Refurbishing historical or pre-existing buildings requires specific choices so to preserve their visual integrity while improving function, in order to bring them up to modern standards. We achieve this by choosing the best materials and formal solutions for the task while constantly investing into research and development of production processes and technical solutions, in order to ensure the highest quality and performance standards.