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Professionalism, a passion for woodworking, loyalty to artisan traditions, a straightforward and honest approach to customer relations: the underlying values of our work and our greatest strengths.

Semeraro, Amati, Fumarola, Soleti: four craftsmen, four woodworking masters who chose to share their experience, knowledge and skills and join forces into a new local business, enhancing their individual strengths and helping each other to excel thanks to teamwork.

SAFS 2001 s.r.l. starts officially in 2001 (hence the name) and is the final step in each associate’s career, allowing them to set up a modern industrial facility where all their ample work experience, picked up over several years, and cutting edge industrial processes come together to create their successful range of exterior doors and windows.

SAFS today is a large and well-established company, specializing in doors and windows using first-choice solid wood or laminated timber, showing excellent performance in terms of sound and thermal isolation. Our designs are exclusively custom-cut in order to satisfy our customers’ specifications, and come in regular, irregular or arched shapes. We provide a varied selection of models, woods and colours. Our glass panels, finally, guarantee excellent thermal and sound isolation performance and comply with the strictest safety regulations. Our top-quality production meets our most discerning customers’ needs and taste, and our extensive network of agents and dealers allow us to cover the entire national territory and provide technical support and consulting. We are currently expanding our reach beyond the Italian borders, thanks to a focused and effective marketing campaign.

Our desire to improve and perfect our products and services has always guided and inspired us.

Artisan traditions and industrial innovation. SAFS’s roots lie in the artisanal experience of its founding associates, who keep on being involved in every stage of the production process, from order entry to product delivery. SAFS’s production is carried out in a 2500m2 modern industrial facility specialized in the manufacturing of high quality wood doors and windows, employing skilled workers and taking advantage of cutting edge technological innovations.

Ultimately, at the core of SAFS is a loyalty to tradition combined with our embrace of innovation, which materializes into our workers’ commitment to provide all of our know-how and expertise to our customers, and our constant efforts towards technological improvement through investments in modern industrial systems, in order to achieve both high production standards and attention to detail.